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Hai! Welcome to my about page! It seems that you would like to know more about me! Cool! Of you're new to The '630pm' Network, feel free to check out the rest of the website, and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel, by going to Here's my official bio: Hai! I'm Nathan Kennedy, but you can call me by my username, Nathan630pm, if you'd like. I really don't mind. I'm a proud McDonald's employee, of 3 years. At McDonald's, I am a Crew Trainer, Guest Experience Leader, and a Health & Safety Team Co-Chair. I'm currently going to school at Humber College in Toronto ON. for Web Design & interactive media. (That's why this website isn't the most well made... it's been entirely designed & coded by me. I'm still learning, and are getting better every day.) I'm in my 2nd year of college, with one more to go. For more information, or to just chat, feel free to contact me by using any of the following links below: